New Year, New Website, New Images

Now in my mid 40s, I've come to the point in my life where I am looking back at the past as much as the future ahead.  As I reworked many images from my past 20 years of photography for this new website, I felt very thankful to have been able to experience so many amazing locations due to my quest to make photographs representing those places.  Having reflected on this past, and now looking toward the future, I know that the photography collected over the years was only a very minor part of these recorded experiences, but more important was the time spent with my wife and with God in these quiet, tranquil scenes.  As I seek more of these moments in the future, I hope to be better focused on this truth.

This past year, I was able to make a second trip to Missouri in the spring, visit Lake Superior for the first time, as well as make a few familiar trips out around my home state of Arkansas.  I only produce a few images per year that I feel comfortable sharing, so only 9 images are added for 2015.  For now, the portfolio pages serve as my personal favorites, so I have narrowed them to only 25 images per portfolio.  

I hope that the images on this site will inspire you to seek peaceful moments everyday, whether at an overlook in Glacier National Park, sitting along the banks of the Buffalo River, or just sitting at home staring out the window at bare winter trees against a beautiful blue sky, as I am right now...

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