New Images from 2016 and 2017

18 new images have been added to this website from a second trip to Minnesota, a short visit to the Crested Butte area of Colorado, as well as from nearby locations here in Arkansas.

In addition, last winter I upgraded to the Sony a99ii from the Sony A850 that I had been using for many years.  As far as photo equipment is concerned, I have always been very conservative and this new camera is only my third major camera purchase in just over 20 years of photography...a major step for me.  My decision to upgrade is usually based on whether or not new technology can open up substantial image quality and/or new creative opportunities.  In this case, the a99ii, along with a Tamron 15-30mm lens, has given me the ability to photograph night scenes including the Milky Way.  This year, I look forward to photographing the Milky Way at several locations around Arkansas and later this summer in one of my favorite locations in Wyoming.

I'm also hoping to make another trip up north to Lake Superior, this time to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  For me, it takes time to get to know a new photo location.  Often on a first visit I am overwhelmed.  Return visits give a greater sense of the layout and unique nuances of each landscape.  This helps the artist create a relationship with the subject being represented by the images made.  I look forward to having the opportunity to be overwhelmed by some new locations, while also revisiting and learning more about some more familiar and special places.        

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